Things to Do in Natchez, MS: the Best of Attractions!

This historic city, located on the Mississippi River, is full of charm and Southern hospitality. From National Historic Landmarks to museums and art galleries, there is something for everyone in Natchez. Here are some of the best things to do in Natchez, MS.

Things to Do in Natchez

Discover Natchez Historic Homes and Mansions

Natchez is known for its antebellum homes and plantations. These historic properties offer a glimpse into the city’s past. Many of the homes and plantations offer tours, so you can learn more about the history of Natchez. Speaking of which, it’s important to give credits to the Natchez Pilgrimage Garden Club. Established in 1936 by a group of women, The Pilgrimage Garden Club serves the community and the environment, as well as preserves Natchez’ heritage, including Stanton Hall and Longwood.

Rosalie Mansion

This Greek Revival mansion was built in 1823 and features beautiful gardens and original furnishings. Rosalie’s Mansion is one of the most iconic and well-preserved antebellum homes in Natchez, Mississippi. In 1938 the house was sold to Daughters of American Revolution and started offering tours; however, it remained a lived-in home for 20 more years. Today, it is open for tours every day.

Melrose Estate

This plantation was built in 1833 and is now a museum. The estate features original slave quarters, outbuildings, and a garden. In addition to that, the site offers a 0.7 mile tour in the park. Visitors can tour the Melrose Estate every day. Looking for more things to do in Natchez, MS? Read on!

Stanton Hall

Stanton Hall was built in 1857 and features Italianate architecture. It is famous for gorgeous marble mantles and huge pier mirrors. The home is open to the public for tours, and it is considered one of the finest examples of antebellum architecture in the country.

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This octagonal home was built in 1859 and is one of the largest of its kind homes in the country. It is also the only one that has never been occupied. The visitors can tour the home and learn about its history every day of the week from 9am to 5pm.

Explore the Natchez National Historical Park

The Natchez National Historical Park is a mandatory thing to do in Natchez, MS for history buffs. The park tells the story of Natchez from the prehistoric era to the present day. It’s a very important historic attraction. Start your tour at the Visitor Center and move on to sightsee pre-civil war sites, including:

Fort Rosalie

Fort Rosalie was a fort established by the French in 1716 along the Mississippi River in present-day Natchez, Mississippi. It was the site of several battles during the Natchez Massacre. The fort was named for Louis XIV’s wife, Queen Anne-Rosalie de Bourbon. The fort changed hands several times over the century before being abandoned in 1798. The site of the fort is now a state park.

Grand Village of the Natchez Indians

The Grand Village of the Natchez Indians was a large settlement located in what is now southwest Mississippi. The village was situated on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, and it consisted of several large mounds, residences, and public buildings. The Natchez people lived in the village from about 1400 to 1730, when they were forced to move to Louisiana by the French.

Visit the Natchez Museum of African American History and Culture

The Natchez Museum of African American History and Culture is an important destination for anyone interested in the history of Natchez. The museum tells the story of the city’s African American community from slavery to the present day, and it features several exhibits, including The Freedom Trail and The Road to Equality. These displays allow the visitors to learn the history of the black community’s struggles for freedom and civil rights.

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Experience Natchez Through Art

ArtsNatchez Gallery is a great place to find unique, handcrafted artwork from local and regional artists. The gallery features a wide variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, photography, and jewelry. With its friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere, ArtsNatchez Gallery is the perfect place to explore your creative side.

Looking for a Spooky Way to Spend an Evening in Natchez?

Ghost tours are popular tourist attractions in many cities, and Natchez is no exception. There are several businesses that are ready to creep you out, including Downtown Karla Brown and Glenfield. During this kind of tour, the visitors will hear stories about local ghosts and hauntings. Some might even get a glimpse of a spirit or two. Ghost tours are one of the top things to do in Natchez MS, so book yourself a spook!

Stroll Along the Mississippi River

Located on the riverside in Natchez is Bluff Park, a local favorite for residents and visitors alike. There’s no better place to watch the sunset over the Mississippi River than from one of the park’s many benches. But Bluff Park is more than just a pretty face; it’s also a great place to get some exercise. The walking trails wind through the park, providing a challenging yet scenic workout. The gorgeous views of the Mississippi River are breathtaking and open to take in day or night.

What Better Way to See Natchez Than From the Top of Emerald Mound?

Another fun thing to do in Natchez, MS is visiting Emerald Mound. The site is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. This Native American ceremonial site is believed to have been built by the Mississippian people between 1050 and 1250 CE. The mound itself is sixty-six feet high, making it one of the most stunning places to go in the state.

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Visitors can climb to the top of it, but are advised to refrain from recreational activities. This is truly a wonderful site to learn more about the history and culture of the Mississippian people, as well as experience a piece of Native American history firsthand.

Get Ready for All the Things to Do in Natchez!

A visit to Natchez is perfect for all types of trips, from weekend getaways to organized tours. For those who enjoy the outdoors, there are several parks and trails to explore; and for history buffs, there’s plenty to sightsee. Whatever your fancy, you’re sure to find a wealth of things to do in Natchez, MS.

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