Things to Do in Lafayette LA That You Can’t Miss. Places to Go Around Lafayette Louisiana, Cajun Country

With so many things to do in Lafayette LA, it can be hard to know what you should do first or which ones are worth your time. We’ve put together a list of unique things to see and do that you can’t miss if you’re visiting Lafayette, LA. Take a look!

things to do in lafayette la

With the right number of attractions and entertainment venues, it is easy to stay engaged and entertained in this little jewel of a city. Come by our guide to discover all the wonderful things to do in Lafayette LA.

Things to Do in Lafayette LA: Downtown Lafayette

The city’s downtown area is filled with shops, restaurants and other attractions. You can spend hours strolling down Main Street and around the surrounding streets. Here are some highlights:

Lafayette Science Museum

This fun museum has many hands-on exhibits and a planetarium that are perfect for kids of all ages. Kids will love exploring the jungle maze, seeing live animals up close and learning about everything from dinosaurs to space travel.

The Acadian Cultural Center

Learn more about the history of Cajun culture at this unique museum located inside Vermilionville (a recreated mid 1800s village). Kids can learn how to make their own pirogue boat or play in the children’s playground while their parents explore the main exhibit halls full of artifacts from Acadian history.

Acadiana Center for the Arts

This new art center features several galleries where you can see local artists’ work as well as traveling exhibitions from around the world. The center also hosts concerts, plays and other events throughout the year.

Visit Vermilionville

Vermilionville is an authentic settlement that recreates what life was like for early French settlers in Louisiana. The village features houses from a variety of time periods, including several built in the mid 1800s by Acadian refugees who came from Nova Scotia during what has become known as “Le Grand Dérangement.”

You can tour the homes or take part in hands-on workshops where you can learn about traditional crafts such as weaving baskets from cane stalks or making candles from lard fat (called “tallow”) by dipping wicks into melted tallow and letting them cool into candles on waxed paper sheets. So don’t hesitate, visit the Bayou Vermilion District now!

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The Acadian Village

Lafayette, Louisiana, is a city with a long and rich history. A visit to Lafayette can include a visit to famous Cajun restaurants, or you can take in the sights of the Acadian Village. The Acadian Village is the home of many Cajun traditions. You can learn about their history, music and food. This is a great place for visitors to learn about what makes this area unique.

They have exhibits on everything from farming methods to traditional dress and music. There are also many animals housed here including a variety of livestock such as pigs and cows as well as chickens and ducks! There are also tours available where they explain all about each exhibit so that visitors can learn more about what makes this area unique!

Children’s Museum of Acadiana

The Children’s Museum of Acadiana is a museum that focuses on promoting the development of children through play and learning. Located in Lafayette, Louisiana, this museum is the only one of its kind in the state.

The museum was established in the late 1900s by a group of parents who wanted to provide quality education to their children. They wanted to make sure that their kids would be able to develop skills like reading, math, science, art and more through play. Today, the museum has grown into one of the most popular attractions in Lafayette. It offers hands-on activities for kids as well as adults who want to learn more about children’s development through play activities. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids while traveling through Louisiana, consider visiting this museum!

Saint John’s Cathedral of Lafayette

The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist is a beautiful church located on Jefferson Street. It was built in 1916 and has since been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail. The cathedral is known for its elaborate architecture and stained-glass windows. It also hosts concerts and other events throughout the year.

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Try the Best Cajun Food Tours

Lafayette is a great place to try Cajun food, which is known for its spice, fresh ingredients and generous portions. If you’re in the mood for some good old Louisiana cooking, head on over to Breaux Bridge and visit one of the restaurants, for example Crazy Bout Crawfish. They have been serving up Cajun classics like gumbo and crawfish étouffée for many years now. Both their food and their service are great!

For lunch or dinner, try out The Crawfish Pot in Lafayette, LA. Their menu includes items such as jambalaya, seafood platters and po’boys. If you’re looking for something lighter but still flavorful, try out the crabmeat-stuffed shrimp appetizer or the seafood combo platter with crawfish étouffée, stuffed shrimp and oysters Rockefeller.

Take a Swamp Tour

Swamp tours are a great way to see Louisiana’s wetlands up close, and they’re also a fun way to learn more about this unique ecosystem. If you’re visiting Louisiana’s capital city, take advantage of the opportunity to see some of its most spectacular sights by taking a swamp tour. You’ll get to see alligators, catfish, egrets and other birds, as well as some amazing flora and fauna while learning about how life evolved in these marshes.

See an alligator at Calcasieu Landing Park. This park on Bayou Teche has plenty of gators in its beautiful gardens, so you can get up close with them without having to worry about getting bit! But watch out for mosquitoes!

Mardi Gras Celebrations

The Mardi Gras celebration in Lafayette, Louisiana is one of the best celebrations in the state. The city hosts many events throughout the year, but it’s this one that really draws people from all over to celebrate this amazing time of year (February). In fact, there are so many things to do in Lafayette LA during Mardi Gras season that you may have a hard time deciding which ones you should choose first! But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top things to do in Lafayette LA during the festivities:

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The Parades

Parades are a big part of any good celebration, and Lafayette definitely knows how to throw an awesome parade! There are several parades during the month-long celebration, including The Krewe of Bacchus Parade and The Krewe of Orpheus Parade. These are adult-only parades held on Fat Tuesday (February 13). They feature floats with themed floats, dancers and costumed characters as well as marching bands and more!

Live Music in Lafayette

If there’s one thing that can be said about this town, it’s that they love their music. Live zydeco music can be found at venues all over town, and if you’re lucky enough to be in Lafayette during jazz festivals, then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hear some amazing performances. You can also attend festivals throughout the year when live zydeco bands come together and perform for large crowds. Where to listen live music? Check out the Blue Moon Saloon live music by some of the state’s top bands. The bar also serves up great food and drinks.

As you can see, there are a lot of fun things to do in Lafayette LA, so start packing your bags!

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