The Best Things to Do in Lafayette, Indiana. Top-Rated Lafayette Attractions and Things to do with Kids

“The Best Things to Do in Lafayette, Indiana” is a complete tour guide to all the best attractions, restaurants and activities that you can enjoy when you are there. So don’t hesitate, but join the reading and get all the tourist attractions available!

things to do in lafayette indiana

Where is Lafayette, IN, you might ask? Well, don’t worry if you don’t know where Lafayette is. That’s what this article is for! We’ll walk you through the most popular attractions and things to do in Lafayette, Indiana, so you too can enjoy this exciting city state.

Best Things to Do in Lafayette, Indiana. Overview

If you’re a Lafayette local, or if you’re planning to visit the area, there’s plenty to do and see. On this list, we’ll cover:

  • Market Square Historic District;
  • Jefferson High School;
  • Surrey Hills Golf Course;
  • Long Center for Performing Arts;
  • Wabash River Heritage Corridor;
  • Fort Ouiatenon State Historic Site;
  • Prophetstown State Park;
  • and much more.

The list doesn’t end, so keep reading!

Jefferson High School is actually one of the oldest high schools in Indiana. And it’s also one of the largest. It’s well known for its academic excellence and its sports teams. They’ve won state championships in track and field and basketball numerous times. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get the chance to watch some future Olympians at work!

You can visit Lafayette’s Columbian Park Zoo to see animals like cougars, wolves, penguins, and bobcats. There is also an old-fashioned carousel and a miniature train. If you’re interested in more historical sites and museums, you can stop by the Five Points Fire Station Museum or Tippecanoe Battlefield Museum to learn about early American history in this area.

Downtown Lafayette

For a peek into history and culture, visit the Market Square Historic District. This neighborhood has been around for almost two hundred years. It features historic architecture as well as plenty of shops and restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for American cuisine or Greek food (or both!), you can find it here.

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Long Center for Performing Arts

If you’re into performing arts, and you’re looking for cultural things to do in Lafayette, Indiana, this is a must-see! The Long Center has a wide range of performances from musicals to operas to ballet and offers a chance to see live theater at its finest. If this is still not enough, check Purdue University and see what they have in store for you!

Fort Ouiatenon State Historic Site

If you’re visiting Lafayette, Indiana, and only have one afternoon to spare, make sure you stop by Fort Ouiatenon State Historic Site. Fort Ouiatenon is a reconstructed 18th-century French outpost on the Wabash River in West Lafayette, Indiana. The original fort was built in 1717 by the French and was the first permanent settlement in what would become Indiana. In the colonial era, it became an important trading post between Native Americans and Europeans.

The original fort was burned down by Native Americans during the French and Indian War in 1760, but it has been reconstructed as a replica of the original structure. Visitors to Fort Ouiatenon can take part in reenactments of life during that time period, guided tours of the area, and can check out an exhibit dedicated to the history of Fort Ouiatenon.

Prophetstown State Park for the Outdoorsy Ones

If you’re looking for a fun way to relax and get in touch with nature, consider visiting Prophetstown State Park. Nestled just outside the city of Lafayette, Indiana, the park offers a variety of fun things to do for both visitors and local residents.

Prophetstown State Park encompasses 2,000 acres of land, including three lakes and four miles of trails. It is named for the Native American “prophet town” that existed on this site from 1808 to 1812.

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Camping and Hiking

If you love fishing, hiking, boating, camping, or picnicking, you’ll love Prophetstown State Park. The park has one of the best fishing spots in all of Indiana—Lake Freeman—and it’s known for its smallmouth bass. Just make sure to bring your own equipment and a valid Indiana license!

Feel like going boating? Choose between pedal boats and pontoons—you can rent either at the marina during open hours. Or if you’re more interested in staying on land and exploring nature, take a trip on one of the park’s many trails: Lakeview Nature Trail, Indian Village Trail, River Bluff Trail, or Sagamore Meadow Loop Trail.

More Outdoorsy Things to Do in Lafayette, Indiana

Lafayette, Indiana is a city full of unexpected delights. If you’re headed through on your way to Chicago or Indianapolis, stop by and take in some of the following attractions.

Surrey Hills Golf Course is perfect for the avid golfer who wants to play in a beautiful setting. The club offers several layouts, all of which are challenging enough not to be boring, but not so hard that they’ll frustrate the average player. Some holes are located on a hillside and require careful footing, but even if you’re off your game a bit, it’s still a pleasant walk through rolling green fields.

Things to Do with Kids in Lafayette

If you’re looking for something more adventurous than golf, try out Sky Zone trampoline park! It’s fun for the whole family and features a dodgeball arena where you can show off your skills (or lack thereof). Then, make sure you visit the Triple XXX Restaurant and grab a huge burger from this historical eating spot!

If your family is fond of biking, consider the Wabash River Heritage Corridor. This long trail follows the Wabash River and offers scenic views. It’s perfect for biking or walking. Last, but not least, if you’re lucky you might see a wolf or two in Wolf Park in Battle Ground!

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Five Points Fire Station Museum

The Five Points Fire Station Museum is a beautiful place to visit while in Lafayette, Indiana. It’s only here temporarily, and you can visit until the end of the year. This museum is filled with locally curated antiques and other artifacts that are valuable to local history.

You can learn all about Lafayette’s early days as a Native American settlement, and how it turned into the thriving town it is today. You can also see old firefighting equipment that was used when this used to be a fire station. It’s an interesting place to learn about local life and history, if you’re interested in those things!

So, there you go, folks! There are lots of fun things to do in Lafayette, Indiana, and if you’re still bored and lost out there, drop us a line!

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