Things to Do in Marquette MI: A Bucket List. The Ultimate Guide to Attractions & Experiences in Marquette Michigan

Planning a trip to Marquette, Michigan? This is your guide to the best things to do in Marquette MI. This is the perfect list of everything you should see and do while in one of the greatest cities in the US.

things to do in marquette mi

Are you visiting Marquette, Michigan and need a little help on deciding what to do? With over thousands of attractions, Marquette will make certain it has something for everyone. So come on, join our reading and get to know where to go in Marquette County. These are the best things to do in Marquette MI!

Skiing in Michigan

Marquette is a top destination for skiing and snowboarding. With the lake effect snowfall, it’s no wonder that Marquette is home to one of the most popular ski resorts in the country. You can enjoy your favorite sport with breathtaking views of Lake Superior and surrounding mountains.

Marquette Mountain Ski Area

The Marquette Mountain Ski Area has four chairlifts and three rope tows to get you up the hill fast! The terrain park is a hit with skiers and boarders of all ages who want to try their hand at jumps and rails without having to worry about crashing into anything or anyone! There are also plenty of beginner runs for those who aren’t quite ready for the steep slopes yet.

Cross Country Skiing

If you prefer cross country skiing over downhill, then you will love the trails at Marquette Harbor Light Station Park. These cross country ski trails were made possible by donations from local businesses, individuals and foundations interested in outdoor recreation opportunities on Lake Superior’s North Shore.

There are plenty of other outdoor things to do in Marquette Mi as well: rock climbing, kayaking, fishing, hiking and more! Read on!

Outdoorsy Things to Do in Marquette MI

Vacationing in Marquette, Michigan is a great experience. Here are some of the best outdoorsy things to do in Marquette, Michigan. Marquette Harbor is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The water is always calm and clear, and the views are incredible.

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Kayaking With Your Family

There are many types of kayaks available, and they are all fun to use. We recommend renting one from a local business. If you don’t want to rent (e.g. at Down Wind Sports or Crestone Adventures), then you can buy your own kayak in town or at any sporting goods store like Dunham’s Sports. You can also use any kayak that you already own!

Kayaking is a great activity because it doesn’t take much effort to enjoy the scenery and get in some exercise while enjoying nature at its finest. It is also something that you can do with friends or family members, so it makes for a fun trip with loved ones!

Hiking and Biking Sugarloaf Mountain

The highest point in Marquette County, Sugarloaf Mountain is a popular hike that offers stunning views of Lake Superior, the Porcupine Mountains and the city below. For those who want to take it easy, there is a paved trail that winds around the mountain.

For more adventurous hikers, there are numerous trails to choose from, including one that leads to the top of Mt. Marquette (which is also accessible by road). The hike isn’t particularly difficult (it’s only about 1 mile to get to the top), but it can be strenuous if you decide to continue on through the woods for another mile or so.

Visit Presque Isle Park & Lighthouse

Presque Isle Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Marquette, Michigan. It has everything from hiking trails and fishing spots to playgrounds and picnic areas. The park also features an old lighthouse that was built at the turn of the 18th century and still stands today.

The Presque Isle Light Station is located within the park and offers tours all year long, including nighttime tours during the summer months! Tours take visitors through the lighthouse and explain its history, as well as provide information about other lighthouses along Lake Superior’s coastline.

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Take a Watercraft Tour on Lake Superior

If you want to experience the beauty of Lake Superior up close and personal, then taking a boat tour is definitely something you should consider doing while visiting Marquette. You can take tours on a variety of different boats that are either small enough so that they only fit 6 people or large enough so that they can accommodate as many as 30 people at once! Some boats have room for passengers who would like to fish, while others focus more on sightseeing and taking pictures while out on the open water.

The Best Breweries

Marquette is a great place for outdoor activities, but it’s also home to some amazing breweries. You can go on a brewery tour or pick up some beer from your favorite local brewery.

The following are some of the best breweries in Marquette, MI:

  • Ore Dock Brewing Co.: this brewery has been around since 2012, and it’s located right on the waterfront along Lake Superior. They have live music every Friday night, and they offer tours of their facility.
  • Blackrocks Brewery: Blackrocks Brewery was founded in 200 by two brothers, Andy & David, who wanted to bring back brewing tradition into their family business. They offer a wide variety of beers including signature stouts which won some awards! They also offer tours if you’re interested in learning more about how beer is made!
  • Drífa Brewing Company: Drífa Brewing Company is a community owned brewery where you need to try the Smoke stack or the Jam ‘n Toast!

Visit Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University is a public university located in Marquette, Michigan. The university was established in 1899 and has been serving the community since then. The university offers various undergraduate and graduate degrees, including medicine and law degrees. The campus is also home to one of the most beautiful art museums in the region, called the Devos Art Museum.

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Devos Art Museum

The museum displays many exhibitions throughout the year, including paintings by local artists and photographers from all over the world. The gallery also hosts events such as jazz concerts and lectures from visiting speakers on different topics such as literature, history and more.

The Superior Dome

This building was originally built as an arena, but now serves as the main classroom building on campus. Visitors can see what classes are being taught at NMU by visiting this building and looking inside through windows or doors that are left open during class periods.

The Forest Roberts Theatre

This theater provides visitors with performances by NMU’s theater company throughout the year. Performances include everything from musicals and drama to comedy shows and improve performances.

The Student Union Building

This building has many restaurants where students can get food while also providing entertainment options such as bowling alleys, movie theaters and video game arcades for those who want to relax after a long day at school or work.

So, there you go! These are the best things to do in Marquette MI. Hope you liked our tourist tips! Happy travels!

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