Things to Do in Georgetown, Washington DC – Tourist Attractions, Places to Unwind and Things to See

If you’re looking for things to do in Georgetown, Washington D.C., look no further! This historic neighborhood is home to charming cobblestone streets, upscale shopping districts, parks, and waterfront views. What’s in store for your trip?

things to do in georgetown

A Brief History of Georgetown

Before we go through all the things to do in Georgetown, here’s what you should know about its history. Georgetown is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. It was established in 1751 as a tobacco port town and became an official part of the city in 1871.

The neighborhood’s architecture is reflective of its long history, with a mix of 18th and 19th-century row houses lining the streets. Georgetown is also home to Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic university in America. Now that you know a little about Georgetown’s history, let’s get into what you can do on your trip!

Things to Do in Georgetown for History Buffs

Georgetown is one of Washington, D.C.’s oldest neighborhoods, and its cobblestone streets are lined with red brick row houses dating from the late 1700s. It’s a fun place for visitors to walk or take a carriage ride and discover the area’s history.

Many of Georgetown’s historic buildings are registered with the National Register of Historic Places, and several date back to colonial times. Here’s a look at some things to do in Georgetown for history buffs.

Visit the Dumbarton House

Dumbarton House is one of Georgetown’s finest examples of Federal-style architecture. It was the home of Joseph Nourse, who was appointed United States Register of the Treasury by President George Washington in 1789. The home contains many original pieces of furniture and decorative arts dating back to the late 1700s. Visitors can enjoy guided tours or simply stroll through the beautiful gardens.

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Tour the Georgetown University

Founded in 1789, Georgetown University is the oldest Catholic university in America. The main campus of this Jesuit school occupies a picturesque 72 acres with Georgian-style buildings, ornate gates and old-fashioned streetlamps that recall the days when it was one of the most prestigious colleges on the East Coast.

The entire campus is open to visitors, including Healy Hall, an impressive Romanesque-style building with a clock tower that rises more than 100 feet above ground level.

Stop by the Tudor Place

The Tudor Place is the former home of Martha Parke Custis Peter, the granddaughter of Martha Washington. The current house dates back to 1815 but is now surrounded by modern buildings. Some might remember it as being shown in the opening credits of “The Exorcist.” It now houses Martha and George Washington’s personal belongings, such as chair-cushions embroidered by Martha herself.

Immerse Yourself in the Old Stone House

Built in 1765, the Old Stone House is the oldest house in Washington, D.C. You can visit and learn about its role in the Revolutionary War, when it was a tavern where colonists met to plan their resistance to British rule.

Tour the Dumbarton Oaks Museum

The Dumbarton Oaks Museum is housed in a Federal-style mansion that was built in 1801. It’s now home to an impressive collection of Byzantine art, as well as a beautiful garden that’s open to the public. You can tour this museum every day except for Mondays.

Outdoor Things to Do in Georgetown – Nature and Sports

The Georgetown neighborhood has several parks to enjoy, as well as recreation centers, sports centers, and more. If you like hiking, biking, or simply being outdoors, there are plenty of fun things to do in Georgetown.

Take a Stroll in Dumbarton Oaks and Montrose Park

Dumbarton Oaks Park is a garden-filled park with a playground and a duck pond. It also has a series of trails that are popular with runners and dog walkers. Montrose Park is another big park with beautiful gardens and paths for walking dogs or strolling. It’s a popular place for joggers too because of its long trails through the woods.

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Enjoy Breathtaking Views in Georgetown Waterfront Park

The Chesapeake & Ohio Canal runs through Georgetown, and you can go for a walk or bike ride along the water. Georgetown Waterfront Park is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with stunning views of the Potomac River. There are picnic tables, benches, and even some hammocks for relaxing by the water.

The trail that winds through the park is one of the most popular places for running in Georgetown, and it’s not unusual to see people fishing from the shore or kayaking along the river. From there, you can admire Theodore Roosevelt Island or cross the Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge to get to Virginia.

Play or Watch Some Sports

For sports lovers, Volta Park Recreation Center features lots of sports fields as well as a playground and swimming pool. The park has the only public pool in Georgetown, so count on it being busy. There are also several fields where you can watch games, including the Shaw Field and Cooper Field.

Things to Do in Georgetown with Kids

If you’re traveling with kids, there are plenty of things to do in Georgetown that will keep them entertained. The Georgetown University campus is a great place to explore with older kids. They can run around on the quad, explore the buildings, and see Healy Hall, which was used as a filming background for The Exorcist.

Younger kids will enjoy the playgrounds at Georgetown’s public parks, including the one at Rose Park. And everyone will enjoy a good challenge at the Escape Game, where you have to solve puzzles to get out of a room in 60 minutes or less.

The Best Places to Eat in Georgetown

If you’re visiting the capital and want to eat in this neighborhood, there are plenty of options. Here are some of the best places for a meal or drink in Georgetown.

1789 Restaurant & Bar

This is one of the most historic restaurants in Georgetown and is named after the year that George Washington took office as president. The menu focuses on American cuisine and offers a wide range of dishes from seafood to steak options.

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Clyde’s of Georgetown

Located by the waterfront, this restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating options, so you can enjoy your meal with a view of the Potomac River. It’s well known for its crab cakes, but you’ll also find a wide range of other dishes on offer here like burgers, steak and fish options.

Farmers Fishers Bakers

This casual restaurant serves a mixture of local dishes and international cuisine with fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. It’s located near the Washington Harbour with lots of shops and boutiques, so it can get quite busy during peak times, but they do have an outdoor patio where you can relax with your food and drinks.

Plan Your Trip to Georgetown and Enjoy the Sights!

There’s no shortage of things to do in Georgetown, whether you’re looking for outdoor activities, historic sights, or just somewhere to relax and enjoy a good meal. With so many things to see and do, you’re sure to have a great time on your trip to the nation’s capital.

Have you been to Georgetown? What are your favorite things to do in the area? Let us know in the comments below!

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