Things to Do in Yellowstone: The Ultimate Guide to Top Attractions in the Area, Things to Do with Kids & Much More

One of the most amazing things about Yellowstone is that there is always something new to explore. With over 2 million acres to roam, you could visit a different area of the park each time and never get bored.

things to do in yellowstone

Geysers, lakes, waterfalls and wildlife, Yellowstone has it all. In this article, we will provide an overview of some of the best things to do in Yellowstone. Whether you are planning a trip or are just curious about what makes this park so special, we hope you will find this information helpful!

When Is the Best Time to Go to Yellowstone?

The best time to make a trip to Yellowstone depends on what you want to see and do. If you are interested in seeing the geysers, then late spring or early summer is the best time to go. The water in the geysers is heated by the earth’s hot springs, so it takes longer for them to cool down in the winter. This means that they are less likely to erupt during this time of year. However, if you don’t mind braving the cold, winter can be a beautiful time to see Yellowstone covered in snow. Just be sure to dress warmly! Now time to look at the top things to do in Yellowstone!

South Rim or North Rim?

The South Rim of Yellowstone is the more popular of the two rims, and for good reason. The views here are stunning, and there are plenty of things to do. Some highlights include Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Artist Point, and Lamar Valley. The North Rim of Yellowstone is a bit quieter and less crowded than the South Rim. So which rim is better? That’s up to you to decide! Both rims offer amazing views and plenty of things to do.

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The Best Geyser Basins

There are over 500 geysers in Yellowstone, and each one is special in its own way. However, there are a few that stand out above the rest.

  1. Old Faithful Geyser: This geyser is perhaps the most famous in the world. It gets its name from its predictability, it erupts about every 90 minutes. Old Faithful is not the largest or tallest geyser in Yellowstone, but it is certainly the most popular.
  2. Midway Geyser Basin: This area of Yellowstone is home to some of the most colorful hot springs in the park. The water in these springs contains high levels of minerals, which give them their vibrant hues. And of course you can’t miss the Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot springs you can get!
  3. Upper Geyser Basin with its Morning Glory Pool: Another iconic feature of Yellowstone National Park, Morning Glory Pool is known for its bright blue waters. The pool gets its color from the thermophilic bacteria that thrive in the hot water.

More Geysers to See if You Are Not tight on Time

The Norris Geyser Basin is one of the most popular areas in Yellowstone National Park, and it’s easy to see why. This basin is home to some of the park’s most impressive geysers, including Steamboat Geyser, which is the world’s tallest geyse.

Further on, the West Thumb Geyser Basin is a beautiful area of Yellowstone National Park that is well worth a visit. This basin is located in the southwest corner of the park, and it was formed by a series of earthquakes that occurred over 10,000 years ago. It is home to several geysers, including Fountain Paint Pot, Thor’s Hammer, and Black Growler. It’s also home to countless hot springs, including Lone Star Geyser and Octopus Geyser. This area is a great place to explore and take photos!

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Things to Do in Yellowstone with Kids

Yellowstone is a great place to take the family! There are plenty of things for kids to see and do, including Geyser Hill and Plume Geyser. These two geysers are located next to each other on the shores of Yellowstone Lake. They both erupt every few minutes, so it’s easy to time your visit to see them both. Spouter Geyser and Jewel Geyser are also enchanting for children. Additionally, Lone Star Geyser is located in a meadow, so kids can run and play while they wait for it to erupt. Just monitor them at all times!

Finally, at Mammoth Hot Springs kids will love exploring the boardwalks that wind through this area of hot springs and geysers. Go to the Visitor Center there for more info on kids’ attractions!

More Outdoorsy Things to Do in Yellowstone

Do you like hiking? If you do, Natural Bridge is a place for you to tick off! The Natural Bridge is a geological formation created by erosion, and it’s a great place to take a short hike trail and explore the surrounding area. If you and your family love spending time outdoors, Yellowstone Lake is a must! This large lake is a great place to go for a swim, fish, or just enjoy the scenery. Lake trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout are all common in Yellowstone Lake. The best way to catch one of these fish is to use a trolling motor and trolling lure. If you are lucky, you may also see some bald eagles or ospreys while you are fishing.

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