A Visitor’s Guide to Southall, West London, Borough of Ealing, UK

Are you visiting Southall in London? If so, then hopefully this guide to the area will be of use to you. Whether you’re planning on staying in one of the fine local hotels or B&Bs, or want to check out the local shops and restaurants, we hope that this encourages you to visit London’s local borough.


Southall is a London Borough of Ealing, located in south-west London. It has a long history as a religious community and has been home to many people from around the world. Read on to get the best cultural attractions!

Southall: Now and Then

The area used to be the borough of Middlesex until 1965. Its name means south corner of the land (separating it from Northolt). The first South Asians arrived in the 1950s and worked in local factories. Their community grew to become Little India. Today, Southall is one of London’s most diverse areas, with various languages spoken here. It is also one of the most densely populated places in Europe.

A Diverse District

Southall is home to many Hindu temples and mosques, but also has places of worship for Christians and Jews too. This can be seen at the weekly Sunday market where shoppers can buy food from around the world including halal meat from Pakistan, Chinese noodles and Jamaican jerk chicken! This makes it an exciting place to visit for anyone looking for an authentic taste of London’s multiculturalism!

Things to Do in Vibrant Southall

Southall has plenty to offer visitors looking for something different from other parts of London. You could try out some authentic Indian food at one of its restaurants, or perhaps go shopping at its famous market on Sundays.

Southall, called Little Punjab is one of London’s most diverse boroughs, with a mix of Asian, African and Caribbean cultures. The area has been home to waves of immigrants since the 1960s, when it was established as an industrial town. If you’re into arts, don’t miss Sage Community Arts or the Musical Museum.

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Local Shopping

Nowadays, it’s a popular shopping destination for people from all over London, with an array of markets and shops selling everything from clothing to food. There are also plenty of places to eat and drink, plus accommodation if you want to stay in Southall itself. For the best food, check out Chaudry’s TKC Restaurant or Gifto’s Lahore Karahi. Stay at the Drayton Court Hotel or the Broadway Inn. They’re affordable, but decent.

Southall Market

This market is open all week from 9am-7pm (Sunday to 5pm), with stalls selling everything from second-hand clothes to shoes and accessories. There’s also plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables available here, along with fishmongers selling everything from shellfish to lobster tails. Don’t miss the cafés on site selling hot drinks and snacks if you get hungry after browsing the stalls!

Diwali in UK

Diwali is one of the most important festivals in Southall. It’s a five-day street festival that begins on the darkest night in October and ends on the day of the new moon in November. The festival is celebrated in grand style by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. You can’t miss it!

People light up their homes with candles and lamps, decorate them with rangoli patterns made from colored powders and flowers, exchange sweets with friends and family members and participate in religious rituals like pujas (prayers) at home or at temples in Southall .

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